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Friday, April 09, 2010

Perfect Clarity

A Word and a warning!

A Call For Unity

Every once in a while a story crops up that bares with it a call to action. Sometimes that call is literally part of the story; sometimes it's just a feeling one receives from the information contained in the article or report. Take for example this article from the Politico. It relates the political reaction to the President's decision to close our embassy in Yemen.

While I am certain that what follows will end in someone believing I am taking their side of a potential issue, I am not. I am taking a side and a stand, but I am not writing this "article" as an advocate for one political party or another. Quite frankly both of the major US parties rather disgust me right now. I am sick and tired of having to choose “the better of a field of evils.”

Optimism V. Pessimism

How do you describe the picture to the right?

A glass that is:
  • Half Full
  • Half Empty
At first blush, an answer, one way or the other, is almost always given. What was your answer?

Thursday, April 01, 2010

Content Warning explanation

When you first came to my page, you were asked to confirm that you wanted to continue to view my blog. Do not worry! No pornographic material will be available here. However, there will be candid, frank, and straightforward posts. This means they will be unapologetically politically incorrect.

Lady Justice, featured above, has been a symbol of the United States Judicial system for many, many years. She hold in her left hand a scale and in her right a sword. Her eyes are blindfolded. These three elements have meaning. The blindfold secures impartiality from circumstance, acquaintance, and emotion. The scales suggest reason and balance are deciding factors. Finally, her right hand is prepared to deliver swift justice pending the verdict of the scales.

Political Correctness has eroded the blindfold from the eyes of justice causing her to falter in her resolve and making what was once impartial now partial. Consequently, political correctness will not be found here!

Ground Rules for Comments

Okay. So I'm opinionated. So are you. We don't have to agree or even be on the same side of an issue to have a mature discussion about politics. Here are the ground rules for political comments on my blog:

  1. Be Polite (No name calling simply because you disagree with me. Besides, name calling only shows the limit of your own intelligence and tends to bolster me and my position.)
  2. Be Factual. By this I mean, support your opinions with verifiable facts. (I'd like you to be honest as well, but some people have lost that capacity.)

You do not have to agree with me, and I want to have an open, honest discussion/debate.
Thanks for your cooperation.

O. H.