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Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Rant: A&E

My first television station rant is directed at none other than A&E. Why? Because A&E stands for "Arts" and "Entertainment" both of which bring to mind certain characteristics. Arts ☛ "The Arts" conjures up literal images by the masters (Michelangelo, Vermeer, et al.). It also brings to mind Plays and traditional literature (i.e., Shakespeare.) By today's standards, these might be Orchestral concerts as well as movies and select television shows.

The term, "Entertainment," speaks for itself and is highly subjective. I mean, there's a reason why a plethora of categories exists. Think about British Humor. British Humor has a cult-like fan base in the United States because many US citizens don't get the unique humor as it is offered by the Brits.

By the same token and stretched very loosely, CSPAN can and may be entertainment to someone somewhere. The majority of us, however, likely conclude that CSPAN programming is informative and interesting but not at all entertaining.

Granted, A&E has some of each in their programming including CSI:Miami (A&E's saving grace), Crossing Jordan, The Cleaner, Biography(which tends to be about celebrities) and Criminal Minds. They also have run Independent and mainstream films. However, ironically, the remainder of their programming has neither artistic nor entertainment value.

Of course, all of their programs have the potential to be interesting to one demographic or another, but this still does not make them either Entertaining or Artistic.

Hey, A&E, change your programming to fit your name, or change your name to fit your programming.

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