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Wednesday, July 06, 2011

Why Caylee's Law is Bad for America

Of course, it is always tragic when life ends prematurely, and it is even more so when the life belonged to a child. It is natural to want to find a way to prevent life from ending prematurely. However, what lengths are we willing to take to accomplish this goal? Several laws have been enacted because of this phenomenon. Two of these are the Brady law, and Megan's law.

The Brady bill in the 80's was introduced shortly after President Ronald Reagan was shot by Mark Hoffman. The result of the Brady bill was a number of gun laws resulting in what many would refer to as infringements on the second amendment. Of course, each tragedy involving a gun has been taken by some as a right to challenge the second amendment by introducing new legislation placing limits, definitions, and regulations on the gun industry, and more importantly, gun ownership.

Tuesday, July 05, 2011

Conventional Wisdom? Not Here, Dammit!

Business gurus the world over consistently maintain a single mantra: "Location, location, location." The reason behind this mantra is obvious. Surviving in business means being visible to potential customers. Consequently the location is an important consideration.

It seems I tend to be a mold-breaker when it comes to conventional wisdom. I have a business, a take out trailer, and it has a pretty good location. While not on the "main drag" in my town, it is on a secondary thoroughfare not far from the main drag. My business is visible from the main drag and has plenty of traffic going by throughout the day. In fact, my business is located conveniently on the route of our 4th of July and other parades.