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Tuesday, July 05, 2011

Conventional Wisdom? Not Here, Dammit!

Business gurus the world over consistently maintain a single mantra: "Location, location, location." The reason behind this mantra is obvious. Surviving in business means being visible to potential customers. Consequently the location is an important consideration.

It seems I tend to be a mold-breaker when it comes to conventional wisdom. I have a business, a take out trailer, and it has a pretty good location. While not on the "main drag" in my town, it is on a secondary thoroughfare not far from the main drag. My business is visible from the main drag and has plenty of traffic going by throughout the day. In fact, my business is located conveniently on the route of our 4th of July and other parades.

Conventional wisdom suggests that the 4th of July should be a very busy day at my business. In fact, conventional wisdom confided in me and suggested I might have sales in excess of $1000. Boy was he ever Wrong! While my sales on this last 4th of July were better than a typical Monday, our sales were only in the mid 300's.

Again, conventional wisdom would suggest that just the smell of marinated beef, marinated chicken, hamburgers, hot dogs, and brats would be enough to draw parade goers the short distance to my trailer. And, again it seems I have totally obliterated conventional wisdom. 300 lousy bucks when the street in front of my business was lined with people watching the parade!

As I drove the 25-30 miles to get to the big city fireworks show, I was numb from the onslaught of depression and despair the day had brought me. Of course, it occurred to me on the drive down that it was all a big, expensive lesson.

The lesson I learned was that it does not matter how many people are sitting right in front of you if their minds are on something else. The only cure is to break their focus from their plans and refocus their attention on you. So, call it what you will, Location, Location, Location is not the first rule of business. Without the attention of your target customer, location doesn't mean diddly!