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Tuesday, April 10, 2012

Pathetic Advertising Methods

There's a problem with marketers in the United States. It's not just that they are showing increasingly less creativity. McDonald's! It's not just that some study suggested that memory isn't engaged until the third iteration resulting in commercials blasting their phone number, web address or other contact information exactly three times. It isn't that commercials are disruptive and annoying ALL DAY LONG. But, yes all of these are vile aspects of marketing in the United States.

However, more pernicious than all of these is the lead-on. You know what I mean. These are the ones who advertise that they have an amazing solution but NEVER EVER divulge anything conclusive in the ad. Instead, they lead you on and on. Some lead you to a product with great promises but no supporting information. Some lead you to a website where the leading-on continues ad infinitum never getting to the meat and substance of the matter.

The American Vision Institute used to advertise their "See Clearly Method" non stop on talk radio. Being a wearer of corrective lenses, I initially paid close attention hoping that Cathy Lee Crosby held some kind of solution to the soaring costs of eye wear. I went to the length of investigating the "See Clearly Method" online. Nowhere did they provide some means of testing their product before buying.

Another ad runs on talk radio with foreboding warnings of an impending economic disaster from some "expert" who had predicted previous bubbles and downturns in the economy. I watched the video. When I'd spent an hour listening to the same drivel as was on the 30-second radio advertisement with nothing of real consequence, I realized I had wasted my time extending credit and respect based on claimed credentials.

Then this arrives in my email today.

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Note the paragraph below the video link. Men over 40, there's only ONE thing to do to keep your prostate healthy. Watch the damn video.

Don't you agree with me, though; that if a product is that important, it's marketing should be simple and direct? Please! Marketers, market your pill, method, or product in a straightforward way. The American people need to be led, not led-on.