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Wednesday, April 11, 2012

The Stupidity of Republican Politics

Election year politics are Dingbat and Quack Central. Not only do all of the candidates suck up to the voters like snake oil salesmen, but pundits and voters alike begin speculating as to who might be on the short list of vice presidential contenders. This act alone does not lump voters in with the pond scum of politics. It's part of the process. We'd all like to think we know who constitutes the "best" president and vice president.

But, the selection of potential vice presidential candidates being discussed suggests that Republicans are just as short-sighted and idiotic as their Democratic counterparts. Allen West is at the top of the Republican's fevered pitch right now, but, Rand Paul, Jim DeMint, Marco Rubio, and Paul Ryan have all been mentioned as potential vice presidential candidates.  Each and every one of them is a Republican star player in Congress.

Of course, the desire is understandable. BUT, it is based on the worst logic possible! Let's look at each one, and I'll simultaneously explain why NONE OF THESE MEN SHOULD BE VEEP.

Senator Jim DeMint - What's not to love about Senator DeMint? Unless you're a Progressive, DeMint is the power hitter from South Carolina, a real go-getter that defends Liberty and the Constitution at every turn. He's a leader in the Senate, and has led the charge against many Liberty destroying bills like SOPA, Protect IP, Indefinite Detention and Obamacare.

Senator Rand Paul - The son of Presidential Candidate, Ron Paul, Senator Paul is the junior Senator from Kentucky, yet much the same can be said about him as can be said of Senator DeMint. Despite his status as junior Senator, he's a leader in the Senate, and has led the charge against many Liberty destroying bills like SOPA, Protect IP, Indefinite Detention and Obamacare.

Senator Marco Rubio - The Senator from Florida has been outspoken on all of the same issues as DeMint and Paul since his election in 2010. He is a bold defender of Liberty and common-sense fiscal issues.

Representative Paul Ryan - An effective leader in the United States House of Representatives, Paul Ryan is the one responsible for bringing forward a budget plan to repeal Obamacare and balance the national budget.

Representative Allen West - Retired United States Army Colonel and Representative of Florida's 22nd district, Colonel West is the epitome of defense. Outspoken against extremist muslims, West is a stalwart defender of the US and dares to hold Obama accountable when no one else does.

Hmmm, you might be observing that I haven't noted anything particularly negative about these men, and you'd be correct. However, the same criteria that many people are using to induct these men into the vice presidential candidacy are the exact same criteria each should be left where he is. This is not to say that each man does not have his drawbacks. Rather, it is to say that each better serves the nation in his existing position.

It's not that they cannot do the job. It is more accurately that they are doing a better job where they are now than they will ever do as Vice President.

Constitutionally, the Vice President presides over the Senate, casts a tie-breaking vote (but cannot otherwise vote) and takes over for the President should he be incapacitated. Other than that, the Vice President is little more than an office fixture! Consequently electing any of these men as Vice President will effectively neuter the good work he is able to do in Congress.

Consequently, it would be far better for Republicans to pull from the pool of Governors a suitable Vice President. Ohio Governor John Kasich has been a stalwart defender of the Constitution and of Liberty, so have Texas Governor Rick Perry and Wisconsin Governor Scott Walker. While their respective states may or may not miss them, they would be far better choices for Vice President than would any of the Congressmen mentioned above. Will Republicans be wise enough to draft a Governor as Vice President? Not likely.

Unfortunately, it seems Republicans would rather shoot themselves in the foot by electing a middle-of-the-road candidate and pairing him with a star performer in Congress than electing someone who's willing to do the hard work necessary to restore Liberty. And, that makes them stupid.

It also identifies the real stakes of this election. When the economy tanks and when Liberty is gone, it will be because of this middle-of-the-road game that has been played. It will be because good men were crippled by idiotic machinations in partisan politics. It will be because Americans continue to buy the snake oil sophistry sold by pandering candidates. It will be because Republicans took their best men and hog tied them in a do nothing job.

This election will be pivotal for the Republican party as a whole. If Republicans win in the fall then fail to follow through, the Republican party will suffer a backlash so great as to make party leaders and die-hard party members almost regret winning the election. Such a scenario will be the end of the Republican party.

So, keep key players in positions where they can effect positive change and turn the tide of Socialism away from America's living room.