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Thursday, September 27, 2012

Petition Template: State Sovereignty 3.0

My deepest thanks to several friends who have helped in the evolution of this template. It's my first. I'm serious about it, and hope to be restoring Constitutional restraints one petition at a time. Please feel free to copy this, fill-in your state where it belongs, collect signatures and prepare to fight for your liberty.


Whereas the United States federal government was freely and voluntarily constituted through and by the several independent and sovereign states in and by their ratification of the “foederal” compact known as "The Constitution of the United States of America," and it was thus constituted as their common agent and subordinate liaison, entrusted with specific and limited powers provisionally delegated – not granted carte blanch or in perpetuity – and, for the express purpose of governing, making regular, arbitrating and adjudicating business and concerns arising within and pertaining exclusively to the jurisdictional domains of inter-state and international affairs and disputes, and that the federal government lawfully and of right ought only to concern itself with such inter-state or international affairs as are stipulated to it within the Constitution of the United States of America, and that it has no lawful, constitutional authority or power to concern itself with, or legislate upon, any other matter whatsoever outside that limited scope and jurisdiction; and,

Whereas the United States federal government has and continues to demonstrate complete disregard for the lawful limits placed upon its powers by the United States Constitution, transgresses daily the clear, reasonable and lawful precepts of federalism and divided sovereignty, scoffs openly at the rightful powers of the states to govern themselves in their internal and domestic affairs according to the will of their people, and egregiously, with malice aforethought and deliberate intent, regularly and habitually violates the rights and liberties of the people of the several states, and the rightful and lawful reserved powers of the several sovereign states themselves; and,

Whereas the United States federal government has demonstrated its willingness and propensity to resort even to the use of deadly force of arms under mere ‘color of law’ to enforce its own illegitimate legislative Acts in direct contravention of the laws of all or any of the several states, and in its unabated and insatiable quest to usurp and exercise increasingly more of the powers not delegated to it by the several states, but which powers were explicitly reserved to and by the states themselves and rightfully remain so; and,

Whereas it has become apparent to the people of this state that the only lawful and peaceable remedy which bears any promise of effectiveness for these ills is the remedy of state interposition by the government and police powers of this state on behalf and in defense of the people thereof;


We, the undersigned citizens of the State of ________________, hereby petition the Legislature of the State of ________________ to enact, and the Governor of the State of ________________ to sign legislation reaffirming ________________’s sovereignty under the ninth and tenth amendments of the United States Constitution, and that any and all Acts and bills passed by the United States Congress and signed into law by the President of the United States, as well as any and all Executive Orders issued or proclaimed by the federal Executive, which the people of ________________ in and through their Legislature assembled find unconstitutional, shall be held null and void by the State of ________________, her law enforcement agencies and her people. To accomplish said reaffirmation, we, the undersigned citizens hereby authorize the Legislature and the Governor to reject any and all monies from the federal government that may jeopardize the sovereignty of the state of ________________ as through or by way of financial extortion or bribery.

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