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Saturday, October 27, 2012

Which Campaign Objectifies Women?

Are you going to be a first-time voter on the 6th of November? Are you a female? If so, President Obama has a message for you:

Are women that shallow, that self-centered, that idiotic that this kind of ad appeals to them? I can honestly say I do not know any woman who would be swayed or pleased by this condescending piece of smut masquerading as a campaign ad. In fact, all of the women I know would be deeply offended by this ad.

Even though I can't personally fathom it, you may like Obama, and that's fine; but do you really think this is the way he should attract new female voters; by objectifying them? I don't. Where is the outcry from women's rights groups? They're silent because they support Obama.

Wouldn't you prefer to be addressed like an adult? Wouldn't you prefer that politicians and others treat you like you have a brain and can use it? Of course you would because it's the truth!

The Romney campaign put out an ad addressing similar issues, but with a different tone and feel. Watch it here:

Which campaign ad is really talking to you like an adult? The condescending Obama ad or the fact checking Romney ad?

No matter what the spin doctors say, this election IS NOT about sex, birth control, gay marriage, or any other social agenda. It is about liberty. Yours and mine. Vote for the guy who hasn't put the nation in a tailspin. Vote for Romney!

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  1. The new Democratic party just seems to be guilty of everything they accuse conservatives of.


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