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Tuesday, October 30, 2012

"Your First Time" Ad: The Analysis

***************************************   Warning!! Adult Content Follows!! *********************************

NO! Not Porn! But, thanks to the Obama Reelection campaign, it's as close to porn as this blog will intentionally post.

What did you think when you watched it? Before Lena mentioned political talking points and nearly had an orgasm announcing that she voted for Obama in '08, didn't it seem like you were being given advice on sexual intimacy?

All I could think was: "Really? Voting the first time is like having sex for the first time? Really?? It didn't seem like that to me when I first voted in 1988."

The fact that this ad is an ad for President Obama means it shouldn't be that surprising. He appeals to the basest elements of politics: division, and his ad appeals to the basest element of humanity: sex.

Consider the messages this ad is giving to young women who soon will be first time voters: "You think with your libido, you're too stupid or naive for me to have a frank conversation about serious issues with you, and you're incapable of making your own decisions about serious matters."

"You think with your libido." The loudest message the ad delivers is that women think between their legs. The message isn't just that sex is important to women. Rather, it is that nothing else matters. If you are a woman about to vote for the first time, you are incapable of thinking of anything but sex. From birth control to gay marriage, every talking point in the ad is sexually oriented.

Remember the Sandra Fluke debacle? Sandra Fluke, a 30 year-old student at Georgetown University, testified in front of congress that she does not make enough money to pay for birth control. Planned Parenthood places the cost of birth control pills between $15 and $50. Granted, at $50 per month, birth control pills would be costly, but the expense is not so great that it cannot be accommodated even in a college student's budget. This consideration has led many to conclude that "birth control" is a Progressive/Liberal/Democratic code word for "abortion."

More importantly, though; the Sandra Fluke debacle combined with this tasteless ad confirms the conclusion that Progressives/Liberals/Democrats think sex matters more to you than national security.

Their message to you: Never mind the national debt. Never mind the fact that Obama has advanced more legislation that deprives you of liberty than any other president. Never mind that Obama promised to cut the debt in half and then doubled it. Never mind that ALL of his policies have failed and failed miserably. Of course, the Obama campaign is certain you can not think of those things because all you're concerned about is having sex without restraint and at others' expense!

Here I thought that was a guy's domain. Crude jokes are often centered around this fact. Talk about demeaning women. I guess I am a little old fashioned that way. But, seriously? Are women that shallow, that self-centered, that idiotic that this kind of ad appeals to them? I can honestly say I do not know any woman who would be swayed or pleased by this condescending piece of smut masquerading as a campaign ad. In fact, as far as I know, all of the women I know would be deeply offended by this ad.

It's not that there aren't some similarities between voting and having sex the first time. There are. But, should the two be mixed in this way? I get it. I really do. There are 17 year-old kids who will have turned 18 before November 6th, 2012. You want them to vote for your guy.

Other than the obvious, both sexual and political virgins tend to have a lack of understanding and knowledge about how it works and what the consequences may be. Most teenagers have been told that one possible outcome of sex is pregnancy, but though there are many state-run ads decrying the longer lasting results of sex, loss of leisurely activities, parenthood and responsibility for other humans, most teenagers override caution for the instant gratification of sexual intercourse. Tragically, many adults also fail to learn lessons beyond the instant gratification of sex. These result in absentee fathers, single mothers, and a growing welfare state. Similarly, new voters understand that when they vote either the existing politician will keep the office or the challenger will win it. Few new voters think beyond this consideration, and fewer still consider the weight of state constitutional amendments, propositions, ballot initiatives and levees. In short, they are very uninformed voters. While this changes with experience and time, there are a frightening number of experienced voters who remain equally uninformed.

For an ad that supposedly caters to the female perspective and expressly mentions gay marriage, Lena's approach fails to take into consideration women. That's right. Remember at the beginning of the ad she says,  "you wanna do it with 'the right guy'" and then goes on nauseatingly about what features (i.e., political positions) the right guy possesses. What good does this do lesbians? Whether you agree with the practice everyone has a first time with sex, lesbians included. I'm sure it does a lesbian no good to be told that she wants to "do it with the right guy." More importantly, what about women presidential candidates? Four years ago, Hillary Clinton was campaigning for President, yet Lena nearly has an orgasm proclaiming that her vote for Obama in '08.

Additionally, except for a flying allusion to birth control as part of health care, the twit in the ad doesn't say anything about safe sex--or safe voting for that matter. Why? There are several reasons:
  • First, "birth control" is Progressive/Liberal/Democratic code for abortion and little else. Abortions can't occur if unwanted pregnancies do not occur.
  • Second, even if birth control is taken at face value, contraceptives tend to promote lasciviousness in society by removing inhibitions concerning sexual intercourse.
  • Third, Obama is nothing if not a statist. Were it solely up to him, the US would now have a totalitarian regime of some type rather than a failing republic. As a statist, Obama knows the state needs dependents. Greater numbers of single mothers in need of assistance, greater numbers of broken homes, and greater division of the American will accomplish this. 
BUT! The state cannot control you if you do not depend on it for your every breath. Of course, that means being responsible, self-sustaining, and independent. Think for yourself! Act for yourself! Accept responsibility for your own life!

When it comes to safe sex the only protection with any real guarantee is abstinence. It's free and always effective. In fact, I'll personally guarantee that anyone who abstains from sex will avoid sexually transmitted diseases (like HIV/AIDS, Gonorrhea, Syphilis  etc,...) and unwanted pregnancy. I'd even back that up with $5000 (enough to deliver a baby in most US hospitals), but nobody has clicked the "Donate" button on the right side of the page; so no such money exists. Still, it's a guarantee I can confidently make because, with the exception of HIV/AIDS, each of those conditions can only be acquired through sexual intercourse. In every other case of intimacy, both parties need to be protected. This means condoms and birth control pills--neither of which face opposition from Mitt Romney.

However, abstinence is a ridiculous notion when applied to politics and your right to vote; first time or not. In a letter to Marquis De Lafayette, Thomas Jefferson stated: “We are not to expect to be translated from despotism to liberty in a featherbed.” His words are pretty straightforward, but they suggest that we must be involved, and we cannot do so by staying home on election day. Those who agree with Lena Dunham are going to be voting on November 6th, and they're going to vote for a guy who does not value your liberty or mine. Be sure to vote. Let your voice be heard, and let's vote in droves for Mitt Romney!

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