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"Happiness is not an accident. Nor is it something you wish for. Happiness is something you design." ~ Jim Rohn

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Content Warning

Thanks to the folks at http://restorerepublic.ning.com/ for the Warning Label.
When you first came to my page, you were asked to confirm that you wanted to continue to view my blog. Do not worry! No pornographic material will be available here. However, there will be candid, frank, and straightforward posts. This means they will be unapologetically politically incorrect. You may find something offensive, and you may not. Only an adult can navigate past offense to arrive at a healthy conversation.

Lady Justice, featured to the right, has been a symbol of the United States Judicial system for many, many years. She holds in her left hand a scale and in her right a sword. Her eyes are blindfolded. These three elements have meaning. The blindfold secures impartiality from circumstance, acquaintance, and emotion. The scales suggest reason and balance are deciding factors. Finally, her right hand is prepared to deliver swift justice pending the verdict of the scales.

Political Correctness has eroded the blindfold from the eyes of justice causing her to falter in her resolve and making what was once impartial now partial. Consequently, political correctness will not be found here!